Organising Commiittee


     Sri. J.Sagar Rao, Chairman.


     Dr. A.R.Naseer, Principal
     J. Sumith Sai, Secretary
     K.Venkat Rao, Director

  Main Co-ordinators


     K.Jayashree Reddy, Assoc.Prof,CSE
     K.Radhika Reddy, Assoc.Prof,ECE
     CH.Sajan Rao, Assoc.Prof,EEE


      B.Amar, IV-B.Tech. (EEE)
      S.Kiranmayee, IV-B.Tech. (EEE)
      P.Maniteja, IV-B.Tech. (CSE)
      G.Divya Keerthana, IV-B.Tech. (CSE)
      A.Ramana Kumar, IV-B.Tech. (ECE)
      P.Sowmya, IV-B.Tech. (ECE)

About Fest

“Aspirations arise, a Gusty Wind ;
Fires up Passion, all behold !
Submerged in depths of Deep Emotion,
On Terra Firma, it takes a-hold!
The Seed of Being ascends to Sky;
All Elements Unite, as foretold!”

With its objective of promoting technology, scientific thinking and innovation, CULTECHSPO FUSION-2k15, the Annual Inter Institute Tech Fest of JITS aims at creating a benchmark for itself by presenting an unmatched Mega Fusion of CULTECHSPO Events. The Fest provides the students a platform to showcase their dexterity, talent and endurance.

CULTECHSPO FUSION-2K15 brings together students from across the country and provide ample opportunities for the students to participate in plethora of enthralling events, interact with each other and exchange their ideas in both technical and cultural field thereby promoting multiculturalism & harmony, enhancing their leadership qualities and providing avenues to develop overall personality.

CULTECHSPO FUSION-2K15 vows to strive for the betterment of the society with the promotion of futuristic and eco-friendly technologies. JITS takes pride in offering platform to all future technocrats and thinkers for their focused initiatives to address social and environmental causes.